Welcome to A Little Creek Farm

Hi! I'm Jen,  

Wife to my wonderful husband Isaac, mom to our five lovely kids, entrepreneur and online business owner! Our little farm, named after a beautiful little creek running through the heart of our little patch of land, is located in B.C. Canada. My favourite things include coffee, good books, spending time outdoors and all things nature and crafting!

I've created this website to be a place where I can share the things I love making and creating with you, as well as a resource for anyone looking for ways to get into the online space and start their own online business like me. 

Please take your time to check out all the resources I have available here for you. You will find both free and paid courses, supply lists, business-building ideas and more! Scroll down to find a list of my courses, and check the menu above to get access to my other resources!

I'm so excited you're here! I hope you'll find something that's a perfect fit for you!

Available Courses

Beginner & Beyond Soap Making Course

Take this course and learn through short, easy lessons:

  • The basics of cold processed soap making.
  • How to create your own soap recipes.
  • How to create your own soap molds on a shoe string budget.
  • How to add natural ingredients and exfoliants to make your soap bars extra nourishing to your skin.
  • How to add natural colour, texture, layers, swirls and more, to make your bars healthy and beautiful.

Receive access to my soap recipes and other bonuses!

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